Cardiac Athletes Donations

Direct benefit to heart patients

When you make a donation to Cardiac Athletes, you can be confident that your very generous gift will be used to directly benefit heart patients globally, and their families, both now and in the future, as purely and simply as the words appear on this page and covering the three key areas of equipment, research and support.

1) For the new born:

  • Portable cardiac ultrasound machines, bedside baby heart monitors, etc.
  • Research grants looking for cures for Congenital Heart Defects
  • Assistance with surgical procedures where possible

2) For the young athlete:

  • AED Defibs and CPR training for sports clubs
  • Pre Competitive Sports Participation Heart Screening programmes
  • CA Ambassador Educational presentations on heart health

3) For the mature athlete:

  • The Cardiac Athlete websites and Forums
  • The CA Ambassador program
  • Phone Buddies
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation grants
  • CA Ambassador Educational presentations on heart health
  • Cardiac Athletes Members ‘Life-Support’ grant aids