Organisation Overview

Organisation Facts

The mission of Cardiac Athletes is to unite like-minded people keen to help erase Heart Disease from planet Earth.
This organisation has packed a lot into a relatively young existence. Since Cardiac Athletes was founded in 1998, we’ve grown to serve thousands of users and customers around the world.

Cardiac Athletes is the world’s largest online community for sporting heart patients, offering an unprecedented breadth and depth of help, support, advice and fulfilling our Mission of alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life.




Lars Andrews

Website launched



Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.




Approx 1000 members from around the world and growing by 3 to 5 new members every day, and this is about to accelerate with our new website and SEO work.

Products and Services

An online community and support service for heart patients and anyone interested in maintaining a fit and healthy heart.

  • The provision of the latest most accurate up-to-date scientific information.
  • Peer review and advice from around the world.
  • A charitable hub for the collection of monies necessary for tackling and erasing heart diseases all over the world.
  • The purchasing of AED Defibrillators for sports clubs around the world to save young athletes and sports people from SCD – Sudden Cardiac Death.
  • The provision of Heart Screening Days to highlight young sports people at risk of SCD – Sudden Cardiac Death.
  • The provision of education and mentorship to the general public on heart healthy living practices from those who know their importance at first hand, the Cardiac Athletes.
  • The provision of Cardiac Athletes Financial Grant Aids to help with everything from research into Congenital Cardiac Birth Defects, the provision of cardiac baby monitors, and helping adults with heart disease better afford their heart surgeries and rehabilitations.

With a global reach we have a deep understanding of many universal healthcare challenges.

We are helping to transform cardiac healthcare worldwide by improving outcomes, expanding access, and enhancing value.