CA Pledge



You are only allowed to order and wear the Cardiac Athletes Team Kit if you read and whole-heartedly believe in our ‘pledge of allegiance to the cause’:


“In wearing the Cardiac Athletes Team Kit I not only acknowledge that I  am lucky to be alive and that I am thankful for my second chance at life but that I value the lives of others also afflicted with heart disease and will do everything within my power to help them.  I promise to share my knowledge freely with other members of Cardiac Athletes helping all to achieve a longer, healthier quality of life.  I will listen to and take the advice from experts but also seek the opinions of others when necessary.  I will not prescribe medications to myself or others.  I promise to find ways to raise funds to help in the protection and recovery of others affected by heart disease.  Collectively we will eradicate the suffering of heart disease from planet Earth once and for all whilst celebrating our lives through sport.”