Sports Cardiologists

CA Highly Recommended Sports Cardiologists Register

This is where we list all the very best Sports Cardiologists around the world and ignore the rest.

We will say why they are the best and include all their contact details and maybe give they a 5 Star rating (including half points too).

So tell me who these special people are who support and encourage our Cardiac Athletes and then we will have one of our CA Ambassadors in that local area make a Certificate Award on behalf of all our members … nice idea Ambassador Peyton Chitty mate ! ; )


United States


Dr. Henry M. Patel, MD, FACC, New Hanover Regional Medical Centre, Cape Fear Heart Associates, 1415 Physicians Dr.  Wilmington, NC 28401 … (910)662-9500

“Dr H. Patel and his team implanted a pacemaker in me two and a half years ago.  Two years to the date I completed a marathon with my fastest time yet and qualified for Boston!  Dr Patel has always treated me as an individual in regards to my health needs, fitness levels, and goals and celebrates his patients’ accomplishments and successes with genuine enthusiasm.  He understands that one size does not fit all.”  CA Ambassador, P. Chitty.


Dr. Battle at UVA, Charlottesville, Virginia.

“He specializes in ACHD, and focuses on endurance athletes and tricuspid valve issues.  I have nothing but good things to say about him.  I live in South Carolina now, and my current doc said my symptoms were only depression.  I sent all my records to Battle and he referred me to Duke.  Obviously I won’t be giving you that other docs info !”  CA C. Tennessen.


Dr. Jonathon Kim, Emory University. 1968 Hawks Lane, Brook Haven, GA 30329 … 404-251-1482 

“He will only work with athletes and specializes in heart block.  He is friendly, incredibly knowledgeable, understands and studies athletes, you have to interview with his RN to be accepted … ” CA T. Ann.


United Kingdom