Salute a CA Super Hero

Dear supporters of Cardiac Athletes, when you see one of your super heroes approaching in a competition or race, please feel free to do ‘The Cardiac Athletes Salute’ to show your appreciation of Cardiac Athletes and all their efforts to remove Heart Disease from Planet Earth once and for all! Thank you, from CA HQ.


These young people haven’t quite got the hang of it … but they’re trying!



Raise the left hand sharply, and place it on your left chest over where your heart is, on the middle left of your central breast bone. The hand and wrist are straight, the fingers are all together. Once in position quickly do ‘Step 2’


Raise the right hand sharply, fingers and thumb extended and joined, palm facing down, and place the tip of the right forefinger on the outer edge of your right eyebrow. The outer edge of the hand is barely canted downward so that neither the back of the hand nor the palm is clearly visible from the front. The hand and wrist are straight, the elbow inclined slightly forward, and the upper arm horizontal and parallel to the ground while your forearm is at a 45 degree angle to the ground. Your upper arm should be straight as well as your forearm.

Once you have perfected the hand gestures be sure to shout the following ‘CA Supporters Chant’ ( or any appropriate alternatives as long as they are relatively clean and decent ) at the same time as you salute for added benefit :

“You protect our hearts,
and in return
we salute you Cardiac Athletes!”