CA needs your $ help

If you really love what I have created in Cardiac Athletes™ and you feel you have really benefitted from the inspiration, advice and friendship within this unique group and you want to support my work and to see Cardiac Athletes™ keep growing and getting better and better year after year … then … “Yes please” … I could do with your help.  For years I have kept advertising revenue off the pages of our group, but I had to take money out of my own pockets in order to grow this ‘crazy hobby’ of mine, I can no longer afford to do that, sorry.

Buy a CA book

The easiest way you can support this group is by buying a Cardiac Athletes™ book.  You will love them.  They are full of information, insights and inspirations extremely useful to you.  You get something and the group gets something.  It’s a ‘win-win’.   Any monies raised via this route goes straight into a separate CA financial account.  Both books are available via Amazon and other bookstores and available as paperbacks or as Kindle downloads.

Make a PayPal money donation

If you feel strongly that you still want to support the survival and growth of this group with a money donation, you can do that also by clicking on the PayPal link below:

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Make a Bank Transfer

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can make a bank-to-bank money transfer (be wary of bank charges for doing this though) directly into the Cardiac Athletes account using the following details:

To make an international money transfer to the CA NAB account, you will need these details (Australian banks don’t use IBANs):

  • Bank: National Australia Bank Ltd.
  • BIC/SWIFT code: NATAAU3303M
  • BSB (bank, state, branch):
    • National Australia Bank
    • Bank Branch Address: 359 Whitehorse Road
    • City: Balwyn
    • State: Victoria
    • Post Code: 3103
  • Account Name: CARDIAC ATHLETES account
  • Account Number: 973332669
  • BSB Number: 083-121
  • Beneficiary Name: (You should already know this)
  • Beneficiary Address: (If you need this, please private message me)

Please check you have typed these details carefully – in accordance with Australian industry standards, payments made to an account number may be paid to that account whether or not the name of the account matches.

Where does your donation go?

Any and all monies raised from CA book sales and direct money donations, goes into a separate CA bank account and from there will help me pay for the following annual CA bills:

Website Hosting $217

Website Security and Development $265

Forum Licensing and Upgrades $270

Domain name renewals $165

Trade Marks $390

Business Name $99

Business Number $89 (No longer required because this is my ‘hobby’).

Leader Boards @ $175 for each 25 athletes

… The Ambassador Project and so much more …

Future CA projects ?

It was always my intention and dream to ‘close the loop’ by having Cardiac Athletes™ give back to the community too.  The community has often saved the life of a Cardiac Athlete™ so I have always wanted Cardiac Athletes™ to help save others’ lives in return.  The easiest and best way to do this is by raising enough money to fund things like:

  1. Cardiac screening days for young athletes
  2. Buying and distributing AED defibs
  3. Basic Life Support and CPR training days