Money that is donated goes towards:

1) The Cardiac Athletes AED Fund (Registered No: CLOSED due to Lars’s move to Australia.)

Cardiac Athletes members are presently looking into whether we should have individual CA Charities registered on each of the three continents:  UK, USA and Australia in order to comply with local country laws.

Any money which is donated to this site via our PayPal link will be pooled into the ‘Cardiac Athletes Supporters Account’.

The members of the 3 CA charities would then be invited to recommend good causes and a vote will be taken on which of these to donate to. It is hoped that in time we can present a defib at each of our yearly meetings and sporting events. Otherwise there are many well established ‘ Defibrillation Programs ‘ around the globe and money raised by donations to this site will be paid to these programs.

Another member suggestion is to help buy A.E.D.’s (Automated External Defibrillator) for sports centres and other recreational centres local to a chosen member of the Forum. AED’s cost approximately £1000-£1300 ($2000-$3000 US Dollars) to purchase (March 2007 price) and many visitors to this site will have much to thank early defibrillation for their continued life. Even with the best health screening at sports centres occasionally someone will go into a life-threatening heart rhythm such as ventricular fibrillation or pulseless ventricular tachycardia.

A defib within 4 minutes?

It is only early defibrillation which will save a life. With each minute that passes from the onset of cardiac arrest, the likelihood of survival decreases 7-10% and there is a 43% chance of survival if CPR and defibrillation are given within 4 minutes of cardiac arrest and paramedic help arrives within 8 minutes (AHA, 2002).

It is a sad fact that only a small percentage of public sports and recreational centres have an AED available. By providing AED’s to sports centres a logical link between ‘cardiac ‘ and ‘ athleticism ‘ is continued which is the theme of this website. Also by providing an AED which is then available during our sporting meetings, this makes the event that much more safe not only for Cardiac Athletes members competing but for members of the public as well.

Our First Defib – November 2010

2010 marked the purchase of Cardiac Athletes very first AED from monies raised by members and external donations. This was presented to the Emergency Services, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA in November and went into ‘active service’ the following day around the Harrisburg Marathon.

I would like to say a big “THANK YOU!” to all who contribute to the Cardiac Athletes AED Fund, you are saving lives from your kind donation.

UK Charitable Status: (now closed).

Charitable Status was first granted for the ‘Cardiac Athletes AED Fund’ on the 8th February 2011 by the Charity Commission of the United Kingdom.

The main ‘Objects’ of our charitable fund were:

The relief of sickness and the promotion of good health in particular but not exclusively by:

2) Forum License, Website hosting and development costs

It will be assumed that any money that you donate presently will be for the Cardiac Athletes Supporters Account’. Your generous donation will help pay for a) website hosting and development, b) forum licensing, c) The Ambassador Project, d) SEO, etc.  Please Contact Us if you have a strong preference and tell us of your wishes.  THANK YOU.