More information coming soon. In the meantime, please see our clothing range and register your interest in certain items here.



IMPORTANT:  You can only buy our CA Team Kit if you are a member of our Closed Facebook Group.

No longer send me (Lars) clothing requests.  You can only obtain team kit if you are a member of our Closed Facebook Group.  Sorry.  Be clear as to which kit design you want for which clothing item.  It’s also a good idea to state which country you are in because we have stores in the USA, UK and Australia and can then work out which is closest to you to keep postage and packing to the minimum.  All forms submitted get sorted and as soon as we reach the minimum 10 items we can open that store and you can then place your orders.  Your local CA store keepers will post a message on the Closed Facebook Group page with details of store openings and how to create your own shopping account and what the log in passwords are.  At the present time there are no mark-ups on any of the items, no profit goes to CA or any of its members or CEO.

There are 4 Cardiac Athletes Team kit designs:

  1. Super Hero fun event team kit.
  2. Grey ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ training kit.
  3. Red ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ competition kit.
  4. Professional Triathlon kit.

All sports and activities are catered for with something like 82 items in the clothing range.  We have a store outlet on three continents USA, UK and Australia, in order to keep postage and packing as low as possible.  Team members running these Team Kit Stores can be contacted via our Closed Facebook Group page and will let you know when the stores will next be open and how to create your very own account and how to log in.

For now just use the ‘expression of interest’ forms by clicking on [ SHOP ] in the top right header menu above.