Pacemaker, Heart Surgery Recovery – Heart Stent & Transplant Recovery

Heart Surgery RecoveryUndergoing heart surgery will have a huge impact on your physical and mental health. Heart surgery recovery time differs for everyone, but participating in a rehab program can give you the confidence necessary to resume an energetic life. At Cardiac Athletes, we organise heart surgery recovery programs for patients who have undergone pacemaker surgery, heart valve surgery, heart transplant surgery, heart stent surgery and much more. This program lasts for 6 to 12 weeks and can be customised to meet your unique needs.

What Does Our Heart Surgery Recovery Program Include?

Our heart surgery recovery program is focused on educating patients on medication use, nutrition, and exercises necessary to strengthen their heart. A team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, counselors, physiotherapists, coaches, sports scientists, and psychologists will work with you to create a personalised program tailored to your needs and health condition. The ultimate goal of our recovery program is to encourage fast recovery and lower the possibility of future heart problems. We assure you that recovery program will make you feel better both emotionally and physically, giving you complete control over your health and get you back to your favourite sports you love doing.


Exercise plays a vital role in improving your health condition, especially during the post-surgery recovery period. Our coaches, nurses, physiotherapists and sports scientists will teach you a few workouts that keep your heart healthy and help you return to your normal lifestyle quickly.  Our exercise regimen includes both aerobic and resistance training for weight management and to increase your overall fitness, endurance and strength.

Healthy Diet:

Following a healthy diet plan after heart surgery is essential for fast recovery. Besides speeding up the healing process, optimal nutrition can protect your heart against future problems, control your weight, restore your strength and shave seconds off your PB’s. Our dieticians will work with you to create a diet plan that is right for you.


We have ‘counselors’ who advise you on the ways to deal with post-surgery emotional aspects. We will teach you some stress reduction techniques that can provide relief from your depression and anxiety. With our counseling sessions, you can get rid of depression and mental stress, whilst improving your overall fitness level.

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