Park Run

Park RunFrom marathons to weekend races, there are several organised ways to participate in running. Instead of taking part in corporation-staging marathons, why not participate in park-run organised by communities and volunteers? Here at Cardiac Athletes, we have our own park run teams in parks and green spaces across Australia, the U.S.A and the U.K on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  You can select Cardiac Athletes from the Park Run drop menu of teams.  That way you will be able to meet and team-up with other heart patient athletes like yourself.

What Is Park-Run?

Park Run is one of the most rapidly growing athletic movements organised in parks and green spaces around the world where runners get together and take part in a 5km run. It is entirely free and anyone who wants to show up and work on their athletic skills can take part in this activity without spending a penny.  It is safe too as there are first aiders present trained in the use of life-saving CPR and AED defibs.

Who Can Take Part In Park-Run?

From the most experienced athlete to amateurs and beginners, everyone, regardless of their age, gender and physical disability, can participate in this event. It is a socially oriented, health promotion program and is open to all.  Running together with thousands of people helps the participants establishing new social relationships and what better than to find a Cardiac Athlete training buddy who has also been through a heart procedure or surgery like yours.

Benefits Of Participating In Parkrun:

  • Our park run events offer you a weekly platform to exercise for free. It is a fantastic way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your bones, joints & muscles and boost your overall fitness.
  • Participating in a weekly park run can provide you with social benefits. Parkrun events give you the opportunity to meet and interact with thousands of like-minded people. There are chances that you will gain a lot of friends by participating in this social event.
  • Parkrun not only provides physical and social benefits but also offers mental benefits. Running in green space improves your mood and boosts your general sense of satisfaction.

With mental, physical and social benefits, park runs organised by Cardiac Athletes, offers a great chance to exercise in a welcoming group. We have volunteers who work as a team to perform a wide range of tasks and organise the event in a successful manner and some of our members have raised charitable monies to purchase and hand-over to park-run an emergency AED defibrillator, thus helping to save others lives.  Cardiac Athletes saving the lives of other cardiac athletes.